Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lund, Sweden


Less than 24 hours after arriving in Sweden, I hopped on a train for a 5 hour journey to the southern region of Sweden, known as Skåne (pronounced Sko-nah). I was headed there with Swede so he could go run in a family race as well as attend the crayfish party planned for Saturday.

Train travel is actually quite pleasant over here, the train had free wi-fi, nice cabins that seat 6, and a cafe car that you could have a sit down meal at. As long as I'm facing the direction the train is headed, there's no issues of motion sickness for me. We arrived into the city of Lund and immediately set off to see the famous Lund Cathedral they are so well known for.

Inside the beautiful cathedral, I was taken back by the astounding astronomical clock they have, it was unlike any I've ever seen, so beautifully detailed and intricate. The church itself has been there since construction began in 1202... can you believe that? It's a big part of Danish history since the the region used to belong to Denmark up until 1676.







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