Friday, August 26, 2011

Tea at Ladurée Harrods


One of the most renowned French patisseries in Paris is Ladurée. Their name is always associated with luxury goods and detectible treats. They have a few locations in other countries, I was lucky enough to have been able to visit the one inside Harrod's when I was in London.

Sitting down, I almost felt like Eloise at the Plaza Hotel. I felt like a little girl playing dress up, with fancy goods surrounding me. The folks with me were all hungry, so we wanted to sit down and have a proper breakfast.


Each of my party ordered a pot of tea, I went for a pot of fragrant vanilla tea. I love that they set out any color cup with plates, they're all pastels. The tea came served in an individual silver pot that was just beautiful.


Our breakfasts started arriving, in this order :

Le Ispahan


Le Saint-Honoré de Ladurée, Rosé Framboise flavoured


Assortment of mini pastries including croissant, pain chocolat, and brioche


For a little over $10 I got to feel like a princess for a morning, I think that's a fair price!


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