Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Movies that Feed My Passion for Travel

The following movies are some favorite movies that have inspired my passion for travel and adventure:

Under the Tuscan Sun:
Author and book critic Frances Mayes, miserable after a hard divorce, heads to Italy on a trip her friends gave to her. On a whim, she ends up buying a fix-it-up villa in Tuscany. This movie takes you through her ups and downs while working on her house and her self. The scenery in the movie is just incredible, taking you through the countryside living of Tuscany, the busy streets of Rome, and the breathtaking Amafli Coast of Italy. Bravissimo!

A Good Year:
Greedy and selfish stock investor Max Skinner finds himself inheriting a small chateau in Provence, France from his favorite uncle, whom he has been disconnected from for many years. The movie has flashbacks to Max's summers spent in Provence with his beloved uncle, and his ultimate dilemma over selling vs. keeping the chateau. This movie showcases the beautiful region of the south of France, mainly Provence. The sweeping vineyards and quaint village cafes are so picturesque. It also stars one of my favorite French leading ladies, Marion Cotilliard, who is such a spitfire passionate woman in this movie.

Eat, Pray, Love
Writer Elizabeth Gilbert wakes up to realize that she may have it all, she's completely miserable with her life. She decides to go away for a year, first eating and enjoying life in Italy (Eat), then finding her spirituality in India (Pray), and wraps up the year combining the two in Bali (Love). Her emotional ups and downs in the movie are so humbling. The three locations they feature in the movie, will have to looking up airfare to see these things for yourself. One of my goals is to order a meal in French the same way Liz orders her meals in Italian. Flawlessly! The title of this movie is also the inspiration of the title of my blog :)

The funny thing about these three movies is that they are all actually based on books, two of them being real life stories (Tuscan Sun and Eat Pray Love) with a few changes. Peter Mayle, who wrote A Good Year, penned some of his own stories about his move to Provence, the first of which is A Year in Provence. I remember first reading this book when I was in the 7th grade and knew I wanted to go there someday.

Now readers, tell me, what movies or books inspire you?

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